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Bagged & Boarded

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Bagged & Boarded Prototype Game Demo

prototype (not final art)

In Bagged & Boarded, you're a kid who loves comics. You can't merely focus on collecting your favorite issues, though. You also need to make enough money to afford them!

By savvy investment of your time, allowance, and chores money, you'll amass an impressive collection in no time! But wait—then what? Do you sell your expensive issues to buy others? Or do you put them on display, banking points for the end of the game while also increasing that series's value for everyone else?

Each morning, you'll plan your day, then resolve everyone's plans in order. Will you search online? Preorder from the comic store or dig through the bargain bin? Wait in line at the convention for autographs and swag? Or, maybe you'll spend your time at home doing chores, bagging and boarding old issues, and putting them on display.

Collecting and displaying a large series is worth a lot, but keep an eye on your clever friends. They might be hanging on to that issue you're looking for, eagerly waiting for you to drive up its value!

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